About us

About Us

We, Asahi Engineering Co., Ltd. was established on July 16th, 1997. Since then, we have produced numbers of unique molding systems, equipment and precision tools, for which we received high acknowledgement. As we provide technology that passes to the world, we also obtained many patents. We also acknowledge the effects our company activity may make on environment, and continue our environmental strategies to improve global and reginal environment and to be an environment friendly company.


We put our No.1 priority on our clients and provide constant and continuous support. From the maintenance on systems and tools to urgent matters, we promise you with best and timely support. Our through after care will bring you high satisfaction.


Since the establishment in July 16th, 1997, we have developed various systems and tools and received high recognition from our clients around the world. Starting from the establishment to our sales expansion to the world and to now, you can review the history of Asahi Engineering here.

ISO 14001

We have been certified for ISO 14001 by International Organization for Standardization since September 2005. ISO 14001 is worldwide environmental risk management standard set for companies, which aims both environmental contribution and business management under the concept of sustainability. We maintain and enhance our rink management and consideration for environmental risk reduction and contribution.